Light House is dedicated to advancing and catalyzing sustainability in Canada’s built environment. Our team of professionals is at the forefront, providing advisory and project management services to government and industry clients on regenerative building practices and circular economy principles.

What We Do

At Light House, we work in partnership with government and industry to create regenerative built environments that nurture ecological and human health. Our team of interdisciplinary experts provide advisory and technical services in regenerative built, including policy design, program development, facilitation, research and green building certification. Our proven track record ensures that the environmental dimensions of your project are on time and on budget while maximizing their environmental impact, including zero waste, high-performance building, health and wellbeing, and design for deconstruction.

Our Story

Light House works at the leading edge of sustainability in the built environment. We sow and nurture innovative and emerging concepts that then regenerate and establish themselves in the building industry. Light House has consistently been at the cutting edge of green building policy and practice, supporting a wide range of leading public and private partners in advancing regenerative building design, health and wellness and circular economy principles.