Light House Sustainability Society is a social enterprise that helps clients understand what sustainability means for their organization or business.

For many, talking about sustainability is like speaking a different language. It’s not always clear how sustainability decisions could lead to lasting benefits for your business, the community, or the planet. At Light House, we know sustainability inside and out – and we speak your language too. Our team of interdisciplinary experts provides more than just technical advice and certifications – we help our clients understand green building practices and policies, and develop strategies that put them ahead of the curve.

Light House is more than a consulting firm. We move the green building industry forward through cutting-edge research, education, and advocacy work, and by leading a network of key industry players and technical specialists. No organization is better connected, more knowledgeable, or better prepared to help make your green building vision a reality.

What We Do

At Light House, we work to create regenerative built environments that nurture ecological and human health. We do this with a team of interdisciplinary experts that provide more than just technical advice and green building certifications. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with the industry to implement practices, strategies and policies that put them ahead of the sustainability curve.

As a non-profit, Light House moves the industry forward through educational programming, facilitating partnerships, conducting research and advocacy work related to the regenerative built environment. We provide services including zero waste, high performance building, health and wellbeing, and circular economy solutions.

Our Story

Over the past 15 years, British Columbia has emerged as a leader in green building innovation, but it was clear that action and leadership were still needed to move the industry forward. BC still lacked economic development strategies for sustainable building; government regulations were fragmented and uncoordinated; and there remained serious gaps in green building technical training and public education.

Regional studies, conferences, and organizations identified a solution: to develop a centre for sustainable building information and services, which would also work to advance green building practices and develop strategies to spread them throughout the province.

In November 2005, Light House was founded as the first sustainable building centre of its kind. It began as a 14-month pilot project of Ecotrust Canada and the Centre for Sustainable Community Development (CSD) at Simon Fraser University. Initially we helped showcase green building products, test new technologies and provide research and information for homeowners. Almost two decades later, Light House is widely recognized as a key service provider and best practices leader for sustainable building in BC and Canada.