The Amp—its name inspired by its location in the old BC Electric Building—is a shared workspace in the Hastings Crossing area of downtown Vancouver that houses the Light House offices. The Amp’s mission is to offer supportive, affordable, creative space for mission-driven organizations and businesses working towards positive change.

The THNK School of Creative Leadership is a social venture that takes the best from business schools and design schools to create a greater sum: truly transformational creative leadership to build human-centered systems for a better future. Light House has worked with THNK [/showcase/partnerships] as a Thought Partner.

The UBC Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department concentrates on understanding the major environmental issues facing human societies and adopts an integrative cross-disciplinary approach to the study of these issues. Light House has worked with UBC as a community partner, managing eight-month research projects which offer students skill-building activities and exposure to green building issues and solution.

International Synergies Ltd. is the driving force behind the National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP®) that began in the UK and has been successfully implemented in over 30 other countries. Light House is home to the first NISP® initiative in Canada, with the initial project areas being Metro Vancouver and Greater Edmonton.

.commUNITY aims to connect and align diverse project communities towards solving systemic problems. They take collaboration to the next level by growing ‘communities of projects’ that work together and share resources to accomplish individual and shared goals.