Nexii Panel Disassembly

Nexii, a green construction technology company and Light House, an environmental non-profit, are working together on a joint case study to capture the disassembly of a laneway house constructed using Nexii’s breakthrough sustainable building system. The case study will identify avoided construction waste and embodied carbon savings that are a result of Nexii’s reusable building products.

Nexii’s high-performance envelope and structural solution minimize the building’s carbon emissions through three key innovations:
1. Nexiite, a sustainable, innovative replacement for concrete;
2. high-performance building panels designed to be re-assembled elsewhere after their “end-of-service” in one location; and
3. bolt-in-place rapid assembly process.

The case study, which is scheduled to be published in November 2021, leverages the latest findings in Light House’s research on Design for Disassembly (DfD) and construction waste. The study will showcase successes and challenges, along with embodied carbon and cost comparisons, between traditional demolition and deconstruction and the Nexii building system. These findings will be coupled with a discussion of key recommendations for policy makers to encourage a circular construction ecosystem.

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