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On April 1st, 2014, the Town of Caledon approved an Eco-Business Zone Planning and Development Guide that will help them maintain the reputation as the “Greenest Town in Ontario” and build on other sustainability efforts. Light House and the town worked collaboratively with Toronto and Region Conservation and Partners in Project Green to build off their last six years of experience of working in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone to create a comprehensive Guide to enable them and other municipalities across Canada to accelerate the adoption of eco-business principles and allow the Town to be home to the first greenfield eco-business zone in Ontario to minimize environmental impacts, attract companies with a sustainability focus and create jobs.

To help achieve this, Light House developed the following policy and regulatory Caledon EIP Covertools:

Our team previously undertook an analysis of existing policies, regulations and programs relating to the Town’s planning and development of employment lands. The outcome of this project was a road map to help guide the development of an eco-business policy framework to support the Coleraine Road West Secondary Plan. Our team facilitated staff workshops and identified strategic recommendations for Development Standards, eco-business subdivision principles, planning policy and economic development initiatives to encourage sustainable design policy and green infrastructure, reduce energy use, and increase business competitiveness in the future development of the Coleraine Drive West Employment Lands.

Simply put, an “Eco-business zone” is an area of employment and/or industrial activity that promotes environmental quality, economic vitality and social benefits through the continuum of planning, design, construction, long-term operations and deconstruction. The Eco-business zone concept establishes a balance between social, economic and environmental objectives, which are clearly established at the forefront of the development process.

The Guide is easily transferable to other municipalities and intended to create enhanced economic, social, and environmental benefits in employment lands across the country.

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The Guide is divided into 8 sections covering a range of topics and providing municipal staff with the insights and tools necessary to encourage the development eco-business zones:

Funding was received from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities through its Green Municipal Fund and additional support was also committed by the Town of Caledon and TRCA.


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