Green Building Challenge

A challenge to Metro Vancouver residents to green their homes and workplaces in time for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Funded by EcoAction.

Ross Eco-Industrial Park

An ongoing project to transform one of Regina’s largest industrial districts into a high performance eco-industrial park through stakeholder capacity building.

TaigaNova Eco-Industrial Park

Planning, design, and development management of the first completed, non-subsidized, profitable eco-industrial park in North America.

Sustainability at Home Toolkit

A toolkit created by The Natural Step, Light House and the David Suzuki Foundation and designed to help with everyday decision-making and increasing sustainability at home.

Community Action on Energy Efficiency Pilot Incentive Program

Development and implementation of a series of incentive packages and outreach initiatives to encourage energy efficiency in BC buildings as part of the $2.2m CAEE Energy Savings Plan (ESP).

City of Vancouver Passive Design Toolkit

Passive Design Guidelines for public and City staff on the benefits of passive design and how to implement it in construction and design.

Green Home Renovation Guides

A series of 11 Remodeling Guides for Vancouver homeowners in preparation for enhanced municipal energy and environmental requirements.

BuildSmart Green Building Program and Website Upgrade

Review, plan and update of the award winning Build Smart education and outreach program to align with the new management plans and sustainable region initiative.

RCMP Green Building Strategy

Workshop, report, and policy framework to enable RCMP facilities to be designed, built and operated so that negative environmental impacts are minimized

Green Building Contractor Program

Development of the “Little Green Site Book” as well as primary and secondary research, needs analysis, curriculum development, course instruction.