Green Building Challenge

A challenge to Metro Vancouver residents to green their homes and workplaces in time for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Funded by EcoAction.

Innovista Eco-Industrial Park

Planning, development advisory, and eco-industrial advisory for Innovista Eco-Industrial Park in Hinton, Canada’s most innovative new industrial development.

Community Action on Energy Efficiency Pilot Incentive Program

Development and implementation of a series of incentive packages and outreach initiatives to encourage energy efficiency in BC buildings as part of the $2.2m CAEE Energy Savings Plan (ESP).

Cost Assessment of a Bundle of Green Measures for New Part 9 Buildings

Analysis of the costs of measures designed to increase energy efficiency and sustainability of new low-rise residential buildings in the City of Vancouver

“High Performance Green Building: What its Worth”

A report from BC, Washington and Oregon on the impacts of green building features, strategies and practices on the asset valuation of a property.

Green Home Renovation Guides

A series of 11 Remodeling Guides for Vancouver homeowners in preparation for enhanced municipal energy and environmental requirements.

City of Vancouver Green Building Retrofit Strategy

Research and analysis of regulatory mechanisms to amend Part 10 of the Vancouver Building Bylaw for existing building retrofits.

Facilitating connection to the Lonsdale Energy Corporation

Project management, documentation and field support services for large format buildings as they are developed to facilitate connection into the North Vancouver district energy system.

Ty-Histanis First Nations Neighbourhood Development

A planned neighbourhood on 84 hectares of land transferred from the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve with a central community core including multi-family buildings, a school, health clinic, pharmacy, recreation centre and centres for youth and elders.