Caledon Design Guidelines

Light House is developing policy and regulatory tools to help The Town of Caledon is expand its settlement boundary to accommodate additional employment lands and encourage eco-business activity.

Policy Harmonization Strategy

Review of municipal and regional policy and guidelines to promote sustainable development and green business practices in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone.

GreenPrint Sustainability Plan

A Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) for the Town of Markham.

Edmonton Eco-Industrial Policy Assessment

Workshops for City of Edmonton staff and council to build internal understanding and support for innovative, green industrial development in the city.

TaigaNova Eco-Industrial Park

Planning, design, and development management of the first completed, non-subsidized, profitable eco-industrial park in North America.

City of Vancouver Passive Design Toolkit

Passive Design Guidelines for public and City staff on the benefits of passive design and how to implement it in construction and design.

RCMP Green Building Strategy

Workshop, report, and policy framework to enable RCMP facilities to be designed, built and operated so that negative environmental impacts are minimized

District of North Vancouver Green Building Policy Strategy

Green Building Policy Strategy, Policy Measures, Policy Statement, Industry Workshops, Council Education and Staff Training

UBC Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) Reference Guide

A guidebook to complement a suite of energy and environmental standards on market developments proposed within the UBC endowment lands.

City of Vancouver Green Building Retrofit Strategy

Research and analysis of regulatory mechanisms to amend Part 10 of the Vancouver Building Bylaw for existing building retrofits.