City of Vancouver Green Building Retrofit Strategy



City of Vancouver, BC

Project Completion Date

November 2010

Project Type

Light House Services


Omicron for the City of Vancouver




Design Team

Project Summary

The City of Vancouver has set a goal of reducing GHG emissions from all existing building stock by 20% by 2020. On behalf of Omicron, Light House worked with the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability team to research and analyze regulatory mechanisms to amend Part 10 of the Vancouver Building Bylaw for existing building retrofits. The project focused on larger industrial, commercial, institutional and large multi-family residential buildings. The project includes a review of tools and practices from other jurisdictions for applicability to Vancouver, assembly of potential “triggers” that might require additional energy efficiency upgrades to projects, and language and structure of the proposed amendment. Light House worked with Omicron’s engineering and building simulation team to assess the energy efficiency potential of proposed upgrades, the incremental costs to building owners and the feasibility of the proposed regulations. Light House convened two industry stakeholder groups (one commercial, one residential) and elicited elite interviews with a number of industry leaders. The report will be presented to Council in spring 2011.