Nexii TRUE Certification

Project Description

Nexii has achieved the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Gold Certification for its Squamish Manufacturing Plant. They are the first construction manufacturing company in North America to receive this prestigious zero waste recognition. Light House facilitated the TRUE credit documentation and submission, which is a rigorous evaluation of a company’s waste reduction efforts, including the implementation of robust recycling and composting programs, reduction of materials used, and diversion of waste from landfills. Light House’s expertise in sustainability and waste reduction helped Nexii to achieve the certification, supporting their journey towards eliminating waste at every point of the construction value chain.

Project Details

  • LocationSquamish, BC
  • TypeIndustrial
  • CompletionMarch 2023
  • CertificationTotal Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE)
  • ClientNexii
  • Services ProvidedCertification management