Health & Wellness

What does health and wellness look like for your organization? At Light House, we see the trends emerging in the building industry and not only is health and wellness top of mind, we see it expanding into the foreseeable future. Let us help you parse through the ever-growing details during this exciting time in the green building industry!

Pandemic Re-Entry Programs

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, many guidelines have been developed with the aim of helping businesses re-open their doors while maximizing the health and safety of occupants.

WELL and Fitwel, both prominent health and wellness building standards, have released their own re-entry rating systems under which a property can become certified safe for re-entry.

This is important as businesses try to establish trust among their occupants and think forward with resilience. Let us help your property re-open with confidence using 3rd-party verification and certification.

Active, Accessible, and Biophilic Design Assessments

At Light House, we have seen firsthand great value in the design principles of active, accessible, and biophilic design. These design frameworks compliment conventional design frameworks by putting aspects of health and wellness alongside traditional design. All projects can benefit from the lens of health & wellness.

Read more below about active, accessible, and biophilic design, and reach out to us for information on how we can help your project showcase the best from each or all principles.

Active Design

Active Design means to design a space in such a way that occupants feel inspired or compelled to live in a more active way within a space. Building design strategies can promote active living through thoughtful placement of stairs, elevators, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

Accessible Design

What does a world without barriers look like to you? Buildings have and continue to disserve people of all levels of ability. We all deserve to live, work, and play in spaces that dignify us. Accessible design is a tool that designers can use to adjust their frame of reference and consider a different lived experience, translating that meaningfully into inclusive spaces.

Biophilic Design

Humans have an inherent love of nature and certain evolved preferences for what makes a space habitable. Being in and around nature can calms our minds, brings us a sense of awe, inspires curiosity and compels us to explore, gives us a sense of security, is exhilarating and even a bit of danger. Biophilic design allows us to look at the patterns of nature and design human-nature spaces, to enhance health, learning, productivity, and to tell a unique story of place and time.

WELL and/or Fitwel Certification or Assessment Report

Holistic health and wellness takes a look at the whole picture and aims to touch on many different aspects of how we live, work, and play in buildings. We see the increasing demand for holistic health and wellness within our built environment and it is welcomed. The green building industry is changing to address the “people” part of sustainability and there is no turning back in sight. Let us help you assess if WELL or Fitwel is right for your project!