Strandberg Residence



December 2009

Project Completion Date

Project Type

Light House Services

Documentation, Project Management





Built Green, LEED-H

Design Team

Project Summary

The project comprised the demolition of an existing 40-50yr old residence and the construction of a new home to be built by Wallmark Homes to BuiltGreen and LEED-H standards. The project aimed to be a pilot for environmentally healthy homes and/or “net zero” energy homes. The following materials were targeted as part of the CWM plan: • Wood • Drywall • Metal • Concrete • Asphalt • Cardboard • Plastics • Brick • Appliances A lesson learned on this project was that existing homes have little intrinsic salvage value. Pacific Labour (a demolition contractor with 20 yrs experience in building salvage) expressed interest in working on the project, but declined to participate once they had seen the house on account of the poor residual value and complexity in disassembling components.