UBC Green Building Tours Marketing Plan



University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Project Completion Date

June 2010

Project Type

Light House Services

strategic marketing plan


UBC Sustainability Office




Design Team

Project Summary

UBC is unique amongst universities in North America in that it demonstrates leading practices in both institutional and residential green building on campus. The University is creating a ‘living laboratory’ on all its campuses, showcasing innovative approaches to conserving energy, water and materials, while striving to make positive impacts on the environment. This living laboratory provides the UBC community with a diverse range of opportunities for research and innovations in practice across campus, spanning everything from new construction to major renovations, and existing building operations. Light House delivered a strategic plan for the marketing of campus tours of the University’s green buildings and sustainable infrastructure projects. Target audiences ranged from the general interest to professional or technical experts. The analysis included research of best practices, in-depth interviews with stakeholders, market segmentation study, a review of costs and resources and the development of recommendations to UBC as to how to optimize visitor experiences to the campus.