One company’s waste is another company’s resource

BMEx (Building Material Exchange) connects construction and manufacturing businesses in south and central Vancouver Island to prevent valuable construction materials from going to waste. It serves as a bridge between businesses with surplus materials and those who can breathe new life into them. It is entirely free to participate.

Are you currently spending money on landfill tipping fees? Or do you need to find more affordable materials for your business? Then BMEx is for you.

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BMEx takes you from business as usual...

The current "take-make-waste” model uses raw materials to build homes, then demolishes them and dumps them into landfill. The average home generates about 100 tonnes of material.

... to business with purpose

Waste is converted into resources and remains in the local economy, generating revenue.

A business with excess materials provides them to another business who has a good use for them, reducing landfill costs. At the same time, businesses who need raw materials have a chance to get them for less, saving them material costs too.

We call that a win-win: one company’s waste becomes another company’s resource.

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The BMEx Advantage


Reduce waste management costs.

BMEx gives you the ability to cut tipping fees and transportation costs by giving or selling your unused or salvaged building materials to a local company that can use them.


Secure local materials for less.

Sourcing a local company’s underused material costs substantially less than buying new raw materials, and doesn’t rely on fragile global supply chains. Through BMEx, you can insulate your business from potential supply chain disruptions.


Build relationships within your local business community.

BMEx helps you connect with other businesses within the region who you might never have heard of, but who can use your excess materials or supply you with materials.


Reduce your environmental impact.

By finding uses for construction-site excess and salvaged building materials BMEx reduces both waste and carbon emissions.

How to Get Involved

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BMEx matches companies based on the materials you have and/or what you need.

You will have free, ongoing support in identifying and quantifying your unused materials and building connections with other companies. Get in touch with us now to see if we have a match for you. 

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The BMEx Challenge

A series of in-person events in Fall 2024 are your chance to help answer the question, ‘What can we do with all this construction waste?’

Think Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, but instead of pitching a new product, companies pitch a challenge related to excess building materials. Companies pitch a challenge to find a home for materials, accessing materials they need, or manufacturing products from salvaged materials. Businesses, investors and innovators in the audience can pitch their solutions and have follow-up one-on-one meetings to discuss a possible partnership.

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Material Exchange Marketplace

Coming later in 2024, participants will be able to access a free online business-to-business marketplace where you can list and acquire excess and salvaged building materials from reliable local sources. Imagine Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist exclusively for underused construction materials.

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Building Material Exchange (BMEx) is a government-funded circular initiative that connects construction and manufacturing businesses in South and Central Vancouver Island to form partnerships that save money while preventing valuable material from going to waste. That way, one company’s waste becomes another company’s resource.  It is funded by the Regional District of Nanaimo’s Zero Waste Recycling Fund, the Capital Regional District, and the Cowichan Valley Regional District.  A series of collaborative events over 2024 will create connections between companies to start sharing their underused materials. The project will also set up a platform for businesses to seamlessly share their underused materials with other companies that can get more use from them.  
Yes. All BMEx programming, including events, material matchmaking services, and the online material exchange marketplace, is free for participants. BMEx does not charge a brokerage fee for its services.
BMEx is open to any business that generates or has a use for surplus building materials. While BMEx primarily appeals to businesses and entrepreneurs in construction, demolition, manufacturing, design, and waste management, other sectors (e.g., landscaping or agriculture) that produce similar excess materials or have a need for salvaged materials are also welcome to join. 
Businesses can get involved by filling out the form at the top of this page. A BMEx representative will be in touch to assess your material needs.  
No. While we would love to have you there, attendance at every event is not required to participate in BMEx.
Companies facilitating an exchange negotiate material and transportation costs between themselves.
Materials generated through construction, demolition, and manufacturing activities are appropriate for BMEx. This includes, but is not limited to, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, metal, wood, glass, carpet, doors, flooring, drywall, and fixtures.  Participants are encouraged to get involved regardless of material type, condition, or quantity. Please reach out to a member of our team at [email protected] if you are unsure whether your materials are appropriate for the program. We will work with you to find a solution that addresses your unique material needs. 
Businesses can find a match for their materials by registering for the program, speaking with a BMEx representative, and/or attending BMEx events. The first step is to register your interest by filling out this form
The BMEx program hosts local events and provides services to businesses located within the Capital Regional District (Victoria), Nanaimo Regional District, and Cowichan Valley Regional District. BMEx is exploring opportunities for creating a physical hub for salvaged building materials. If you are interested in supporting the creation of a hub, or have a site available for a hub, please contact us at [email protected].
The BMEx program runs all year matching companies who have and/or need building materials. Special in-person BMEx events are taking place in Fall 2024. To receive email updates and event notifications, please register here. 

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