Imagine a world where buildings generate no waste, foster human health and restore nature.

The Lotus Effect - Lily pads (and many other plants and insects) are ultra hydrophobic, which gives them self-cleaning properties.

Imagine communities comprised of buildings that produce zero emissions, generate energy and reduce embodied carbon.

Mycelium is a fungal network that holds the potential to both decompose construction waste and create new building materials.

Light House. Bringing buildings to life.

At Light House, we have a mission – to create regenerative built environments that nurture ecological and human health.
That means designing buildings and communities that reduce and reuse building materials, waste and carbon emissions, generate energy, support health and wellness, and restore ecosystems.

Services to Meet Your Needs

Our staff and partners offer a full range of services to meet the environmental needs of any community and building project.

Certification Management

Documentation support services for green building rating systems and local green building requirements to help your project achieve its sustainable objectives.

Carbon & Material Analysis

Helping governments and developers navigate emerging requirements regarding life cycle analysis, embodied carbon, environmental product declarations and develop carbon management strategies.

Policy Analysis & Development

Supporting government with evidence-based recommendations and strategic action frameworks to advance sustainable building policy.

Facilitation & Visioning

Guiding design teams to create innovative and inspired sustainability vision for each building project.

Circular Economic Development & Innovation

Helping businesses and cities take advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of circular strategies.

Research & Education

Engaging in multi-stakeholder research initiatives to advance circular and regenerative best practices in built environments.

Circularity and Regeneration are at the Core of Our Mission

As part of our mission, we bring together partners to carry out research that investigates the boundaries of building design and performance and advances principles of circularity and regeneration.

A Blueprint for Change: Preventing Demolition Waste through Home Relocation & Deconstruction

Circular Economy CRD Waste Deconstruction

Construction Material Salvage and Recycling Market Assessment Victoria


Nexii Deconstruction Case Study


Squamish Deconstruction And Demolition Report


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Bringing Buildings to Life

Light House supports some of the most environmentally sustainable building projects in Canada. We focus on positive contributions to the environment, human health and well-being.

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