Light House introduces: BizBiz BC!

Light House introduces: BizBiz BC!

Light House is proud to deliver BizBiz Share in British Columbia as part of its Circular Sen$e programs. This Online Materials Marketplace will help local businesses to reduce cost, increase revenues, and boost environmental performance!

BizBiz BC will help your business to share, rent, or sell tools and equipment (and even space), as well as surplus materials. BizBiz BC will help to find someone who thinks your trash is their treasure! We can even match you with research expertise to help you develop and test new products made from wastes.

Launch Webinar

We appreciate everyone’s patience with navigating the audio issues, we are working to improve the user experience for next time.

For anyone with audio issues or for those who couldn’t make it, you can watch a recording of the webinar here.

Upcoming webinars

Food & Agriculture – July 14th, 9.30am to 11.00am

Construction – July 29th, 9.30am to 11.00am

More about BizBiz

BizBiz Share is a Québec-based online resource marketplace operating successfully for 5 years. What we really liked about the BizBiz technology is that it allows businesses to negotiate, transfer payment, and arrange transportation right within the platform. We know from previous materials exchange databases that the uptake is really low. Our NISP® facilitators were able to work with businesses to implement NISP® workshop matches to the tune of $6.3M in economic benefit and 250,000 tonnes of diverted wastes. However, there were a lot of workshop matche s that we hoped businesses would close on their own; the reality is, the need to go back and forth by email and phone still takes too much time.

Now, the transaction functions built into BizBiz address the “I’m too busy and I lost that email” barrier to implementation. We look forward to delivering both BizBiz BC and NISP® Canada together – our new expanded Circular Sen$e programming will help us support even more businesses benefit from the sharing and circular economy. BizBiz BC can make ‘easier’ business-to-business matches happen, plus BizBiz BC can handle opportunities for sharing and short-term rentals. Meanwhile, our NISP® facilitators will continue to work with businesses to provide support and help implement symbiosis opportunities that might involve higher volumes, multiple parties, or detour through some R&D.

For more information, contact Hilal Savas ( or watch our launch webinar here.

We really look forward to seeing you at the BizBiz BC marketplace – the more participants, the more opportunities!