Design For Disassembly Report

Project Description

Created with the support of BC Housing, this report investigates Design for Disassembly (DfD) and the importance of integrating DfD into building design. It discusses DfD principles and gives material recommendations, outlining how teams can successfully include disassembly in their projects. DfD plays an important role in bringing the building industry into the circular economy. Considering how salvaged materials can be integrated into the design of new buildings closes the loop so that the built environment can become truly circular – this report gives insights into designing with salvaged materials in new buildings.

The report also includes extensive DfD resources, such as standards, guides, case studies and applicable rating systems. A sample DfD checklist is provided, in addition to a detailed directory of service and material providers in the Metro Vancouver Region, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, Capital Regional District, Okanagan Region, Prince George and online.

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Released 2021

Project Details