May 2021 | Newsletter

May 2021 | Newsletter

May: a month of many publications!

Residential Waste Analysis

This nationwide study, undertaken by Light House with the support of BC Housing, investigates one of the most significant contributors to construction and demolition (C&D) waste – the construction of multi-unit residential buildings. The study examined the amount and types of C&D waste generated by 106 LEED-certified multi-unit residential building projects across Canada built between 2007 and 2019.
Read the report here.

Home Buyers and Renters GHG Calculator

This Energy and GHG Emissions calculator, developed with funding from BC Housing, can help home buyers and renters decide on a location based on GHG emissions associated with both the housing type and transportation. It considers commuting to and from work, school, or other locations with multi-modal options, and is available here for download and use in Excel format.
Read more and download the calculator here.

Design for Disassembly Report

Created with the support of BC Housing, this report investigates Design for Disassembly (DfD) and the importance of integrating DfD into building design. It discusses DfD principles and gives material recommendations, outlining how teams can successfully include disassembly in their projects. DfD plays an important role in bringing the building industry into the circular economy. Considering how salvaged materials can be integrated into the design of new building closes the loop so that the built environment can become truly circular – this report gives insights into designing with salvaged materials in new buildings.  

The report also includes extensive DfD resources, such as standards, guides, case studies and applicable rating systems. A sample DfD checklist is provided, in addition to a detailed directory of service and material providers in the Metro Vancouver Region, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, Capital Regional District, Okanagan Region, Prince George, and online.
Read the report here.

Mid and High-Rise Residential Construction Waste Calculator

To support builders in estimating and managing the construction waste from multi-unit residential projects Light House has developed a construction waste estimator. This calculator is based on the construction waste information collected from over 100 LEED certified residential projects from across Canada. Source separation on site is the best way to ensure the highest possible diversion rates, estimating the quantities of material will enable builders to plan for waste management and maximize their recycling rates. The calculator can serve as an important component of the builder’s construction waste management plan.
Read more and download the calculator here.

Light House Spotlight

Powered by Age: Age-Friendly City Podcast

Powered By Age kicked off its 51st episode on April 1st with a special presentation “No Fooling: Seniors want Affordable, Healthy, Sustainable Housing“. Hear our very own Sarah Radi, speak passionately on sustainable buildings, as it relates to Senior Housing! Other guests included, Anastasia Koutalianos, founder of the Tiny Homes Collective and livability researcher. They shared their extensive experience as consultants working with public agencies as well as developers and architects.

Zero Waste Canada

Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) offers a wide array of Zero Waste Educational Programs that guide businesses and individuals towards a lower environmental impact and help individuals start their careers in the Zero Waste world. The ZWC programs are designed to provide a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts. They aim to help the general public, municipalities, waste professionals, and community leaders gain experience about the Zero Waste practices and how to implement these locally to achieve their Zero Waste goals.

‘Friends of Light House’ Deal
The Zero Waste Fundamentals Program costs $69.90 for the general public, but for friends of Light House (i.e. you, the reader), we have an exclusive deal:

  • 15% discount for individual
  • group discount of 25% for 5-10 people within same organization 
  • group discount of 30% for 11+ people within same organization  


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