Our Services

Light House offers a full range of services to help your project reach and exceed its sustainability goals. With decades of experience, we work with industry and governments that are seeking to realize the full potential of buildings as more than just structures, but regenerative environments where people can thrive.

Light House has provided developers and contractors with support in building certification for more than 15 years. Our team is accredited in all major rating systems and have successfully managed the certification of more than 250 projects for our clients with a record number of Living Building Challenge and LEED Platinum projects. We are also experienced with local municipal sustainability requirements and helping teams navigate through permit reporting requirements.

  • Living Building Challenge
  • LEED
  • WELL
  • Fitwel
  • Passive House
  • TRUE
  • Built Green

With the global focus on climate change, sustainable building policy is increasingly directed at carbon reduction strategies. Developers are being required to document the carbon footprint of projects early in the design stage and to take measures to reduce the amount of emissions associated with the construction, operation and end-of-life management of buildings. Light House is at the cutting edge of discussions on carbon management strategies. We provide analysis and solutions to our clients in addressing this growing and complex area of embodied carbon emissions.

  • Life cycle analysis and embodied carbon calculations to measure project impacts and reduce environmental footprints
  • Environmental information sheets, product declarations and material passports
  • Emissions calculations and analysis
  • Simulated performance analysis of assemblies and buildings for energy, cost, carbon, thermal comfort, etc.

A circular built environment designs out waste and strives to capture the maximum value of products and materials through their full lifecycle. It is based on three key principles:

  • ELIMINATE waste by designing it out through upstream interventions
  • OPTIMIZE materials and resources by extending the life of buildings and products and recapturing value at end-of-life
  • REGENERATE natural systems by emphasizing renewable energy and materials

Light House helps businesses and cities take advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of circular strategies, including reducing construction waste, realizing the value in construction, renovation and demolition resources, reaching net zero climate goals, mitigating risk from supply chain disruptions, as well as a range of other economic and business development benefits. Our Circular Services include:

  • Assessing market capacity and opportunities for the circular built environment
  • Analyzing construction waste data to reduce project costs
  • Assisting with the development of resource certification
  • Supporting businesses to divert up to 90% of their waste and meet municipal and third-party certification requirements, such as TRUE certification.
  • Developing case studies of circular building practices
  • Supporting design for deconstruction in product development and project execution

A central focus of our mission is to work with partners from the private and non-profit sectors, foundations, government and academia to undertake multi-partner research initiatives that explore the boundaries of circularity and regeneration in built environments. We are always seeking new projects and partners, so reach out to us if you have an idea you want to explore. View our latest research projects here.

We use the knowledge acquired from leading research to develop custom educational and training programs that meets the needs of the diverse range of stakeholders within the construction, building and real estate sector. Our programs include:

  • Circular skills training and education programs
  • Project team mentoring
  • Multi-tier monitoring and training for construction teams – in the classroom, in the office and on site.
  • Operator guidelines and manuals
  • Sustainability communications products
  • Public outreach and education programs

Light House supports all levels of government and industry in making evidence-based policy recommendations & developing strategic action frameworks. Our policy advisory services draw on our team’s multi-disciplinary expertise in law and policy, economics and sustainability.

  • Sustainability and green building policy development and analysis
  • Carbon and emission reduction strategies
  • Building / development cost analysis
  • Long-range sustainable infrastructure strategies
  • Design / development guidelines

Having a common vision about the sustainability outcomes for any project is critical to ensure project success. Our senior team has extensive experience bringing together and facilitating local and international project teams to crystallize sustainability objectives whether at the building or community level, as well as engaging with community stakeholders to get consensus and support on project objectives. Our visioning and facilitation services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Integrated Design Process
  • Project Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultation
  • Facilitating meaningful dialogue and connections to advance circular innovation and extended producer responsibility in the building sector
  • Project Facilitation & Sustainability Goal setting