Energy Labeling Showdown

Project Description

British Columbia’s existing buildings account for two-thirds of all energy consumed in the province and 41% of the province’s total GHG emissions. On a small scale, building energy labelling systems are effective tools in helping owners/operators monitor and reduce their energy consumption and GHG emissions. On a larger scale, they are one of many tools that government can employ to tackle climate change and energy demand. Recognizing those important roles, this study evaluates the two most common building energy labelling tools: Energy Star and ASHRAE bEQ.
In preparing this study, Light House worked in cooperation with Vancity, Canada’s largest community credit union, and modelled Vancity’s head office in Vancouver, BC using both systems. Through the study, Light House determined the differences in requirements for each program, the administrative concerns, and the energy labelling policy context, implications and opportunities.


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Project Details