NEW Industrial Green Buildings Course

NEW Industrial Green Buildings Course

Light House is launching a 5 part online training course for industrial green buildings! Click on the course titles to register.

Cost: $100 for 1 course; $250 for 3 courses; $400 for 5 courses. 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT BEFORE APRIL 7. Have a group? Interested in an intensive one-day version at your office? Email to learn more.

Industrial Green Buildings: 101 – Quick & Dirty – and Green? (Apr 26)

The industrial building sector has faced challenges pursuing green buildings. In this introductory course, we examine the general state of industrial green buildings and explore some of the challenges and lessons learned through case studies. The course will include an overview of design elements which offer favourable paybacks and break down the business case for industrial green buildings.

Participants will receive 3 detailed case studies and a template for Build-to-Suit Agreement language.

Industrial Green Buildings: 102 – What, Why, and How (or not) to Certify (May 17)

Should you certify or not? And to which system? In this webinar we will examine the popular green building certification systems available in North America (LEED, GreenGlobes, Living Building Challenge, WELL, BOMA BESt, Passive House). The course will look at new builds and retrofits, and discuss the suitability, costs, benefits and challenges of each system. We will present North American case studies and discuss certification trends and their future potential impact on the industrial building sector.

Participants will receive a reference poster comparing the applicability of the various rating systems to industrial building design elements.

Industrial Green Buildings: 103 – Strategies for NEW Buildings (May 31)

This course will look at the case for green building for build-to-suit, owner-occupied, or spec models. We will consider strategies to support cost savings, long term tenant attraction, risk reduction, asset management and reputation enhancement, using North American case studies. We will discuss upcoming trends and regulatory drivers, and provide pragmatic recommendations for incorporating green design into new industrial buildings.

Participants will receive a summary reference guide regarding the applicability of LEED v4 to industrial buildings (what’s easy? what’s hard?).

Industrial Green Buildings: 104 – Strategies for EXISTING Buildings (Jun 7)

Industrial buildings are durable, frequently flexible buildings, which are designed to last 50 – 80 years, which can result in tenant retention challenges, increased maintenance costs due to failing or inefficient equipment, and difficulty meeting updated building code requirements where retrofit permits are needed. Green building retrofits can assist in reversing or reducing some of these challenges by incorporating highly desirable tenant features, reducing maintenance costs, simplifying building equipment training, exceeding codes or regulations and creating more resilient buildings. We will examine retrofit paybacks and opportunities by using North American case studies, and provide suggestions for planning and implementing successful retrofit projects.

Participants will receive a screening checklist for Industrial Building Sustainability Retrofits.

Industrial Green Buildings: 105 – Policies to Catalyze Industrial Green Building (Jun 21)

Should you incentivize industrial green building? Should you mandate certification? What sort of guidelines can help shape industrial green buildings? This course will look at some key policy tools for catalyzing industrial green building, including examples from Canada and the U.S. The course will also examine challenges in setting economic development and marketing goals that also support industrial green building efforts.

Participants will receive sample design guidelines and template language for community language and zoning bylaws.

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