First National Industrial Symbiosis Program Pilot Workshop Completed!

First National Industrial Symbiosis Program Pilot Workshop Completed!


Thank you to all the funders and supporters who have made it possible for Light House to launch the Canadian pilot of NISP.


The first regional workshop took place Thursday October 26 at the Annacis Research Centre in Delta, BC.  This FREE event aimed to help businesses:

  • Turn waste into a resource
  • Save money on waste costs
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Network with other local businesses
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Be part of the circular economy


On the day over 130 resources were discussed and 166 potential matches were captured!

A sampling of the feedback from participants:

”NISP has a developed knowledge and project base which provides examples and data for how successful the program can be.”

”Brilliant idea! Lots of potential!”

”Amazing program!”

The NISP team has already begun the process of translating these potential matches into actual projects.  Later, the triple bottom line benefits of all implemented synergies will be tabulated.

This workshop was the first of six workshops being delivered in the Metro Vancouver region as part of the National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP) Pilot project – a first in Canada! The NISP model has been proven worldwide to create the most regional industrial symbiosis in the shortest time! Industrial symbiosis business opportunities include business-to-business partnerships to transform wastes or by-products from one business into higher value inputs for other businesses, as well as business-to-business collaboration to maximize efficient use of logistics, space, or even R&D resources. The NISP model is endorsed by the G7, OECD, EU, and Global Green Growth Forum and has been adapted in 21 countries.

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