A Blueprint for Change: Preventing Demolition Waste through Home Relocation & Deconstruction

Construction Material Salvage and Recycling Market Assessment Victoria

This report provides an outlook of the current and future market capacity for building material salvage and recycling on Vancouver Island and surrounding region. Particularly, it describes a system of interconnected networks within which demolition materials are managed and identifies opportunities to divert key materials from landfill. This work will help inform the development of […]

Nexii Deconstruction Case Study

The case study leverages the latest findings in Light House’s research on Design for Disassembly (DfD) and construction waste. The study showcases the successes and challenges, embodied carbon and cost comparisons, between traditional demolition and deconstruction and the Nexii building system. These findings are coupled with observations that support a circular construction ecosystem. Released: February 2022

Squamish Deconstruction And Demolition Report

The District of Squamish commissioned Light House to examine the region’s current demolition and deconstruction waste flows and investigate opportunities to divert waste from landfills. Based on the building permits submitted in Squamish from January to November 2020, the report identified the significant contribution of non-residential construction waste and identified wood as a critical waste […]

Design For Disassembly Report

Created with the support of BC Housing, this report investigates Design for Disassembly (DfD) and the importance of integrating DfD into building design. It discusses DfD principles and gives material recommendations, outlining how teams can successfully include disassembly in their projects. DfD plays an important role in bringing the building industry into the circular economy. […]